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Dr. Gregory on Organizational/Leadership Psychology Program

Here’s a recent conversation with Dr. Erik Gregory, sharing his thoughts on MSPPs organizational & leadership psychology programs.

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If you are anything like me, then you are either cursing the winter Gods or Canada for causing us to risk life and limb leaving our front door in the unbearable New England cold. While I may not be struggling … Continue reading

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Information Processing and Technology

Edward Thorndike, a pioneer in learning theory once beliefs Psychology as being the science of the intellect, character and behaviors of animals including man. Considering the technological advancements of the twenty first century, Thorndike might be amazed by the way … Continue reading

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Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Jerri Lynn Hogg

Dr. Jerri Lynn Hogg is an adjunct faculty member teaching Media Psychology courses at MSPP. Since Dr. Hogg has recently joined the MSPP family, I was asked to a do a faculty spotlight blog post on her. Dr. Hogg actually … Continue reading

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