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Never Stop Questioning

I went to a really great liberal arts school for undergrad.  At first, I appreciated how much they made us think and question, and then question thinking and question questioning.  However, after four years of it, I was kind of … Continue reading

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“Let yourself be puzzled by the obvious.” – Noam Chomsky

My first introduction to linguist/cognitive scientist/political critic Noam Chomsky was through Ali G’s prankster interview where he was asked such monumental questions as, “Why don’t you create a new language?… you could make a lot of money.” Chomsky responded with, … Continue reading

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60 Seconds of Impossibility

I am part of the Latino Mental Health Program, and my first class in the program is Introduction to Latino Culture.  Our first assignment is to create a group presentation on the term “latino.”  The challenge: we only have 60-seconds … Continue reading

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History Major + Environmental Studies Minor = Career in Psychology…

I know that many people are currently interviewing or considering applying to MSPP, so I figured that today I’d share my “story” (there’s really not much of a plot or climax, but you got it) regarding how I ended up … Continue reading

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Where My Ladies at

  There’s nothing like waking up at 5:30 am on a Saturday. Kishore was sprawled out on the bed next to me, closed eyes, gaping mouth, mocking me with his maintained slumber. He only woke up to tell me to stop using … Continue reading

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Career Building in Student Affairs

Every job field is hard to break into. Companies, organizations, and institutions want to hire applicants with experience, but it’s difficult to get experience if no one will hire you. Student Affairs seems to be no different. Thankfully, however, there … Continue reading

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A Little DBT

As a second-year psychology student, you hear a lot about DBT (“Oh, DBT is so great”), but never really get an opportunity to thoroughly learn about it. Luckily, my practicum site, Wheelock College, hosted a DBT training for staff and interns. … Continue reading

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Saying Goodbye

One of the things I think MSPP doesn’t do enough is tell their students how hard goodbyes are. There is no feeling quite like saying goodbye to a client, after forming a firm, positive relationship with them. This is especially … Continue reading

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Here We Go

Every time I say that phrase, a very popular ‘N SYNC song comes to mind… Anyway, it’s the start of a new year and a new semester, so it’s time for a new me. I understand that the first semester … Continue reading

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Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about assumptions. As psychologists, we always have to be aware of our assumptions.  No matter what kind of psychology you practice, you have to be aware of your assumptions about your clients, the world, … Continue reading

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