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Hey everyone, my name is Sam Skeen. I’m currently a third year PsyD student. I’m primarily interested in individual therapy with adults and adolescents and assessment with people of all ages. This year, I’m doing my field placement work at Joseph M. Smith Community Health Center, where I am learning to conduct therapy in Spanish. I also have a part time job at MSPP’s Academic Resource Center, where I help other MSPP students complete challenging academic tasks. In my spare time, I like to exercise, cook, mess with my cat (an activity that once screened me as a potential sociopath on a personality test), update my fantasy hockey lineup obsessively, and of course, satiate my Words with Friends addiction.

Living in Boston

Before starting at MSPP, I had been to Boston only twice in my life: once when I had a layover at Logan airport, and then again when I came into town for my interview at MSPP.  So, when it was … Continue reading

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Woooo, breaktime!

For the second Saturday afternoon in a row, I’m hanging out at home with my wife with a pizza on the way and a hockey game about to begin.  It’s a pretty good way to unwind after a long week. … Continue reading

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Hitting Research Gold

Most MSPP students seem to be pretty tech savvy; almost all of us have laptops, many of us use smartphones, and we do the vast majority of our research online.  This means that instead of perusing the shelves or card … Continue reading

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Sad News

Unfortunately, my wife’s father, Barry, passed away last Friday.  He had suffered from a number of health problems for a long time, so his death was not unexpected, but of course, this did not make it any less sad.  Barry was … Continue reading

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My Path to MSPP

It’s only Tuesday, but I am already exhausted.  I had an interview at 9 this morning at a potential fourth year intenrship site, and while I was happy to have the opportunity to interview, I usually get to sleep in … Continue reading

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Getting On Track With My Lit Review

Last month, I met with my doctoral project committee chairman to discuss my progress thus far (or lack thereof).  We discussed my topic area, which I’ll describe in a bit, and he gave me some valuable tips for finding relevant … Continue reading

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A Hectic Day of No Shows

Every Tuesday, I have two back-to-back four hour shifts at the Joseph M Smith Community Health Center.  At Joseph Smith, each individual therapy session is 45 minutes, and us interns are encouraged to schedule five sessions during each shift.  This … Continue reading

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A Lazy Saturday

Four days after my last entry, I’ve pretty much gotten back to regular life.  I’ve completed most of the readings that I need to do, and although I still have some assignments looming over my head, but I’m not behind … Continue reading


Getting A Late Start

Even though our Spring semester started last week, I have yet to attend my first class, or even take a look at a syllabus.  I like to think that I have a pretty good excuse; last week, I married my … Continue reading