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I am a second-year school psychology student. I completed my undergraduate degree at Macalester College, with majors in Sociology and Spanish. In addition, I have a master's degree in Public Affairs. I have worked as a language teacher in the U.S. and Latin America, and I speak Spanish and some Portuguese. I love reading, yoga, cooking, traveling, and hanging out with good friends. Oh, and playing with my impish rescue pup, Atlas.

Celebrate good times…

The truth is there are many milestones on the way to becoming a school psychologist; finishing a master’s degree, passing the first year exam, passing the first year, successfully completing the national praxis test, handing in your last portfolio, getting … Continue reading


A Favorite Metaphor

There is an oft-heard metaphor in mental health work that I particularly like: providers should remember that they have to put on their own mask before assisting others. That is to say that professionals who work in mental health must … Continue reading

Mourning for my City

Almost exactly ten years ago I embarked on an ambitious academic project to interview feminist female poets from Guatemala. Given the country’s fractured and violent past, and its extremes of wealth and opportunity, I expected that many of the women … Continue reading

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Time for Fundraising….or is it FUN-raising?!

Hi Folks! I hope you are enjoying a happy, healthy, & warm spring. April means it’s that time of year again. Time for me to put away the snow boots, store the snow shovels, unearth my sneakers, and get ready … Continue reading

The beauty of messing up

In our Groups Theory & Process class last week, our professor reminded us of the importance of making mistakes. If we aren’t making mistakes, we are not challenging ourselves, and we are not learning. And, we are role models for … Continue reading


I can’t get up!

“No, I can’t get up….” my classmate mumbled in a muffled voice, as she turned her face to avoid eating carpet. Another classmate leaned over her, restraining her arms, while a third classmate held back her legs. The rest of … Continue reading


Lean on Me

The well-known adage “It takes a village to raise a child….” has been running through my head recently. Although at my field site, it’s more like it takes an inclusion facilitator, a guidance counselor, a school psychologist and her intern … Continue reading

Mind your A’s & B’s

The situation for evaluating students at MSPP is in flux. Previously all students received credit or no credit for a class, with “credit problematic” being the only intermediary option. Students had to obtain an average above 84 to pass a … Continue reading

What’s your problem?

An acquaintance of mine (who works in education) recently commented that she once thought about studying school psychology but changed her mind – she didn’t want to work only with the “problem kids.” I cringed at the description, but am … Continue reading

Waiting for Nemo

My commute home yesterday was a tad stressful. With words like “oligodendroglia” and “exocytosis” still churning through my head after our first neuropsychology exam, I was dismayed to find roads blocked by lines of cars outside of gas stations as … Continue reading