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Originally from Washington, DC, I'm a second-year Clinical Psych. doctoral (PsyD) candidate. I earned my BA from Boston College and my MS in Psychology from Boston University, where I served as PI of a study that explored the relationship between social-category language and stereotypes. I work as a Peer Supervisor for Boston Area Rape Crisis Center and at MSPP, I serve as Co-Chair of the Gender Equality Committee. I like comedy, especially The Onion, and animals, and I live in Allston with five absurd roommates.

“Let yourself be puzzled by the obvious.” – Noam Chomsky

My first introduction to linguist/cognitive scientist/political critic Noam Chomsky was through Ali G’s prankster interview where he was asked such monumental questions as, “Why don’t you create a new language?… you could make a lot of money.” Chomsky responded with, … Continue reading

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Snow White and the Seven Dorks

(There’s actually six of us (roommates) total, but I figured I’d include the dog in the mix) I didn’t have practicum at the counseling center yesterday (Friday) due to anticipation of the big blizzard. I was elated – I live … Continue reading

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History Major + Environmental Studies Minor = Career in Psychology…

I know that many people are currently interviewing or considering applying to MSPP, so I figured that today I’d share my “story” (there’s really not much of a plot or climax, but you got it) regarding how I ended up … Continue reading

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Where My Ladies at

  There’s nothing like waking up at 5:30 am on a Saturday. Kishore was sprawled out on the bed next to me, closed eyes, gaping mouth, mocking me with his maintained slumber. He only woke up to tell me to stop using … Continue reading

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A Little DBT

As a second-year psychology student, you hear a lot about DBT (“Oh, DBT is so great”), but never really get an opportunity to thoroughly learn about it. Luckily, my practicum site, Wheelock College, hosted a DBT training for staff and interns. … Continue reading

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Who Put the Bom in the BOMBAY Bom Ba Bom, Who Put the Bang in the BANGALORE-a Ding Dong

For the holiday break, I have been traveling in India with Kishore to visit his family, specifically having gone to Bombay/Mumbai, Bangalore/Bengaluru, and Hyderabad. The trip has been tremendous: the food, people, sites, overall culture. As I’m recovering from a … Continue reading

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Thoughts from India

I have been in India for the holiday break, currently in Hyderabad, a major city in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh. As you may have heard, India has been in an uproar in reaction to the violent sexual assault … Continue reading

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A Very Pink Christmas

This weekend I got together with my Boston-based family for some early rockin’ around the Christmas tree (When I say “rockin’ around,” I mean “sitting around eating eggplant parm and lasagna” and when I say “the Christmas tree,” I mean … Continue reading

[Insert trite, irritating title featuring the phrase "Who Let the Dogs Out"]

I chose a college counseling center for my second-year practicum with the intention of strengthening my psychotherapy skills (as mentioned previously, my first-year site was a psychiatry unit, which fostered a short-term, assessment-based “medical” model) – I have found, however, … Continue reading

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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (until January 2nd)

Boston and the holiday season go so well together. The holiday lights and decorations nicely adorn the brownstones and storefronts and parks, and the cold weather provides a good excuse to snuggle up with hot chocolate and start a fire … Continue reading