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Dr. Susan Powell

Hey blog readers! Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while, the end of the semester was super busy! I’ll be adding a few of the blogs I’ve been working on over the break, but I’ll start first with a couple … Continue reading


Independent Coffee Houses

I have a hard time studying at home. More often than not, I get to my room, put my backpack down, and fall into bed for a nap. Other times, I hear my roommates hanging out and have the dire … Continue reading



I’m doing pretty well this semester. I’ve got solid grades in my classes, keeping up with my side work for my jobs, and learning a lot at my practicum sites.  That being said, life as a grad school can be hectic. If  … Continue reading


Jail Guitar Doors

This weekend, I had the opportunity to travel back to my alma mater, Georgetown, to do research on musical rehabilitation of prison inmates. Along with having an amazing time and seeing friends and colleagues, I went to a symposium and … Continue reading


Comin’ Home (sorta)

One of the best things about living in a city like Boston is the ease with which you can go to other major cities on the East Coast. I’m going to be taking advantage of this a bit this semester. … Continue reading


Why Dogs are Awesome (and why we should be more like them)

I am a dog person. I am so much of a dog person that I can’t even understand why anyone wouldn’t be. Most importantly, I think that dogs have a lot to teach us about how to be better humans. … Continue reading


Gimme Shelter

Wednesday, I started my practicum with the Veteran’s Northeast Outreach Center in Haverhill. VNOC is a non-profit organization which helps homeless veterans find housing and reintegrate back into society. Some of the veterans served have spent a large part of … Continue reading


Scary Decisions

Big life decisions can be scary, especially when you make them on short notice. I moved up to Massachusetts from West Texas a little over a month ago, and – to be honest – I was completely terrified of the … Continue reading

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From Austin to Boston

Howdy ya’ll! I’m Bobby from El Paso, Texas. I am a first year student in MSPP’s Forensic and Counseling program, and absolutely love the school and what it stands for. A quick summary of me: born and raised in Texas, … Continue reading