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El Fin

This is Kiley, Jill, and Lisa blogging at the conclusion of our trip to Costa Rica. As our time in Costa Rica draws to a close, we have come to a number of conclusions about the experience that we are … Continue reading

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Adios from Ecuador

Buenos Noches MSPP, this is John Pratico blogging during our last night in Guayaquil, Ecuador.  We have had an incredible, amazing experience that none of us will likely forget.  Last night, we went out to a local restaurant with Carla … Continue reading


Semana #3

Hola aqui le escribimos Carla, Eleonora y Oren. Otra semana llena de aprendizaje, aqui en Costa Rica. Durante esta semana tuvimos la oportunidad de asistir a la escuela de la comunidad Miguel Obregon, hacer rotaciones en el Hospital Calderon Guardia, … Continue reading

Final Reflections of Costa Rica

This is Becca W, Valerie, and Zach checking in and writing their last entry from Costa Rica. I (Becca) can’t believe we are already in the final days of our Costa Rican experience! Reflecting on the past month makes me … Continue reading

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Semana 3: Terapia Rápida y Eficaz

Hola, somos Marisol, Curt, y Rebecca T. desde San José, Costa Rica después de acabar el tercer semana. Estuvimos en el clínica neuropsicológico observando terapia individual de adultos y también evaluaciones psicológicos con tres niños de varias edades. También tuvimos … Continue reading

Week 3 Costa Rica

Hello, This is Lisa, Jill and Kiley giving you an update on our immersion trip in Costa Rica. We had a very busy week visiting the neuropsychological clinic at UNIBE, learning and improving our Spanish, volunteering at an elementary school, … Continue reading

Education in Ecuador: Week three by Carla

Three weeks into our experience in Ecuador and our group spent time in an elementary school.  The classrooms were divided by grades but there were no windows and the doors opened to a courtyard shared by everyone.  The teachers were … Continue reading

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Escuela Velazco Ibarra & Banos

Buenos dias.  This is Kelly reporting from Ecuador. Last Thursday we finished up our work at the elementary school, Escuela Velazco Ibarra. August 10th is Ecuador’s independence day, so the children were gathered outside for an assembly. It was nice- … Continue reading

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Hypnosis with Dr. Paula Llobert

Greetings from Costa Rica! This is Tatiana, Alexandra, and Jessica reporting in on Week 3 of our immersion. This week during our clinical session, Dr. Paula Llobert instructed us in the art of hypnosis and guided imagery. I (Tatiana) have … Continue reading


Juvenile Detention Center

Hola! This is Dot, Brian, and Elena reporting from San José, Costa Rica. This week we had the opportunity to take a tour of the largest juvenile detention center in Costa Rica and learn more about the Costa Rican justice … Continue reading

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