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Cat Smail – Costa Rica 2014

Hello! All continues to be well with LMHP 2014 in Costa Rica! Today we had our first class on hypnosis – the professor had such a calming presence and voice, we were all relaxed from the start! She ended the … Continue reading

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Andrea Bedoya – Ecuador 2014

                    Con el ritmo de vida que llevamos en las grandes ciudades es fácil olvidar cuanto nos favorece relacionarnos con la naturaleza. Durante nuestra visita a Baños conocimos la región andina … Continue reading

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LMHP Summer Immersion Costa Rica 2014

Hello! We are beginning our 2nd week in Costa Rica and have been busy adjusting to our schedules, new host families and life in Costa Rica. During the day we attend classes at UNIBE, spend time at a children’s mental … Continue reading

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LMHP Summer Immersion: Costa Rica

            ¡La experiencia que tuve en Costa Rica fue inolvidable! Al llegar, lo primero que note fue que las casas se parecían mucho a las de Puerto Rico. Estuve pendiente para ver si algo resaltaba como señal de que había … Continue reading


We are all the Same but Different

Hi this is Ana Hidalgo from Costa Rica! Today is our last day and I can’t help but to think how quickly it flew by and what an amazing experience it was! My motto for this trip was “Comfort zones … Continue reading

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Andrea Bedoya

Ha llegado el final de mi visita a Costa Rica, pero llevo conmigo lindos recuerdos que me acompañarán toda la vida. Fueron cuatro semanas en las que gocé y aprendí de la cultura costarricense y de todas las personas que … Continue reading

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Mi experiencia de vida en Costa Rica Kesina

Mi experiencia en Costa Rica ha sido muy divertida e interesante. I have enjoyed my stay in Costa Rica as a therapist in training.  There were various techniques I observed that previously I have not had the opportunity to observe. … Continue reading

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Hola, I’m checking in on my last day in Ecuador. What an amazing trip and amazing experience. In one short month, I have grown exponentially both culturally and personally. Prior to this experience, I had little knowledge about HIV and … Continue reading

Tecnológico Bolivariano

Hola desde Guayaquil, Ecuador! It’s Elena here, checking in.  It’s been a whirlwind of clinical and cultural growing experiences for the past 4 weeks, and it’s hard to believe that they are shortly coming to a close.  This past week, … Continue reading

Ecuador- Brian Lieberman

Our trip to Ecuador was especially significant because we had the opportunity to truly get to know two very special people, Enrique and Martha Lucero.  Their hospitality, generosity and genuine warmth made us all feel as though we are a … Continue reading