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Hi! My name is Kiley. I grew up in Kansas, and attended Hendrix College in Arkansas where I received my B.A. in psychology a year ago. Hoping to arrive at a clearer understanding of the direction I wanted my life to take, I took a year off after graduating to explore some areas of interest. I ultimately decided that a doctorate degree in psychology would fit the bill. MSPP was a big hit from the very beginning of my search for the right program, and my great expectations have only been exceeded since starting classes. I have just moved to the Boston area to begin working on my Psy.D. in clinical psychology. Moving here has been a big transition from the midwest, but so far I it is going great! I am living in Newton with my cat, and spending two days a week in Lowell at my practicum site-an adult partial-hospitalization program. When I'm not studying or at my site, I spend most of my spare time exploring Boston and adjusting to "city living". I also try to make time to write, meditate, and hone my skills on the cooking front (a major work in progress). Thanks for reading my blog!

Driving in Boston

I grew up in Topeka, Kansas, which, both figuratively and literally, is many miles from Boston. I thought that moving from a place like Kansas to a big city would be overwhelming, but I am here to tell any prospective … Continue reading


Qwelled Fears

With about a month of classes behind me, I feel like I have finally gotten into the swing of things at MSPP. My courses are going really well and my practicum site has been so informative and exciting. Last week, however, I encountered … Continue reading

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Reflections on a Big Transition

Moving, starting a new job, meeting new people, re-entering the world of homework: For many (myself admittedly at the forefront) these are often cringe-worthy topics. Certainly, many transitions in life are accompanied by a certain sense of anticipation and excitement, but I want … Continue reading

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