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8 Useful Tips!

It’s that time of the year…application time! A time filled with tracking down professors for recommendation letters, writing essays, sitting in front of your blank computer screen, and making the decision to continue your education.  Applying to a doctoral program can … Continue reading

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The Importance of Time Management

When I was in high school, my dad would often pass by my bedroom and make a comment along the lines of,  “Your room is kind of messy. Is there something going on that is upsetting you?”  I remember thinking … Continue reading

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MSPP: Offering a Unique Opportunity for Students to Focus Their Studies

MSPP is unique in that it offers different concentrations, or tracks, that a student can choose to enter after their second year.  Along with General Studies, MSPP offers Health, Forensic, Child, Adolescent and Family, and Latino Mental Health tracks. This … Continue reading

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Utilizing Resources

I have found that MSPP  fosters the kind of environment that encourages students to utilize various resources to obtain the support, guidance or information that they are seeking.  I have heard horror stories of programs that simply forget about the … Continue reading

Interview With An Organizational Psychology Student

I had the pleasure of interviewing Caitlyn O’Loughlin, a first year full time organizational psychology student. J: There are many different directions someone interested in psychology can take. The public may better know options such as clinical, counseling or forensic … Continue reading

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On Being Psychologically Minded

If you’re considering applying to MSPP’s doctoral psychology program, consider this: how you think, view the world and interact with others will forever change. Like getting a tattoo, intensive educational training is, for the most part, permanent. I am finding … Continue reading

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Love The One You’re With

I applied for my first internship experience in the second year of my master’s program. I was excited; I had visions of being placed at a college counseling site,  meeting with clients who had a range of concerns, building rapport, … Continue reading

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For the Commitment-Phobe

When you make the decision to attend a doctoral program you are embarking on a major commitment. It can be daunting; you are choosing to dedicate a part of your life to a career,  deciding to take out an extensive amount … Continue reading

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The Importance of Personal Therapy

 If you are studying to be a psychologist, or thinking of becoming one, you may want to think about entering your own personal therapy. It is beneficial to both parties if you are able to identify your triggers, blind spots, … Continue reading

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Testing and Numbers and Running, Oh My!

Some people have phobias. Phobias of spiders, snakes, airplanes. All reasonably understandable things to feel negative towards. Spiders and snakes can bite, planes can crash. I have a fear of numbers. I’m not diagnosed with numerophobia (fear of numbers, a … Continue reading

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