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Hello! My name is Jessica Garcia. I am an Arizona native and have moved to the greater Boston area to attend graduate school at MSPP. I graduated, summa cum laude, from Arizona State University (the Barrett Honors College). I received my Bachelor of Science in Psychology. I am currently a 1st year Clinical PsyD student, doing my practicum at FMC Devens. On a more personal note, I love music, theater, reading, learning new languages, and my little dog.

Arizona in December

The two hour time difference, the open roads, and the warmer weather -It was 70 degrees on Friday!- all seem somewhat foreign to me now. *** As my family gathered at the airport to welcome me home they were all … Continue reading

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‘Tis the Season

Thanksgiving is over, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone, and those certain stations that play non-stop Christmas music have been doing so since the middle of November. (How many versions of “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” are … Continue reading

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Arizona’s SB1070

I made it through my 3rd Weekend in Residence and I had a blast! Not only did they feed us Thai food on Sunday (Community Time sponsored by the Dean of Students’ Office) and stack the schedule with amazing speakers … Continue reading

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The Promise

One of my classmates recently asked me if I was a glutton for (academic) punishment. After I thought about it for a second I figured that it was a real possibility. As if I didn’t have enough on my plate … Continue reading


Pet Therapy

During Fundamentals Week at MSPP there was one thing that was emphasized more than anything else: Self-Care. Every professor present even let us newcomers in on their personal self-care secrets. Some are devoted to their television programs while others love … Continue reading

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Blended Courses Demystified

I made it through my finals! “Finals in October?” you ask. “Aren’t finals usually in December?” While it is typical for students to spend the last few days of November/first few days of December cramming for their finals I ended … Continue reading

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National Coming Out Day

Although I had wondered what I might post in my blog about National Coming Out Day (in support of the LGBT community) I was relieved to find that the work had already been done for me. Dr. Jessica Stahl, a … Continue reading


Dr. Cynthia Lucero

Dr. Cynthia Lucero is a name I have heard over and over again since my arrival at MSPP. In fact, her legacy was one of the things that tipped the scale for me when making my final decision about which … Continue reading

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Weekend in Residence

I love school so much that I decided to spend the weekend there. Just kidding. Well, I did spend the weekend there but it wasn’t because I have an unhealthy attachment to my school. (Go, MSPP! Woohoo!) This past weekend … Continue reading


The Affirmation

OK. I promised you a joke in the event that my first (real) day at Stevens was not absolutely amazing. However, despite the fact that there were no dramatic or traumatic events that would trigger an “awesome” on my day-rating … Continue reading

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