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I'm Jackie, a MSPP Higher Education online student. I recently graduated from Roberts Wesleyan College just outside of Rochester, NY and I live in Spencerport, NY with my best friend/husband/boy-roommate and no pets or babies just yet, thank the Lord. I'm into crafting, reading, frozen brownie batter, twinkle lights, and spending time with my cute new husband. I currently hold down 2 part-time jobs, but am looking to get into Student Affairs once I complete the HESPA program. Working with college students is my passion, because it feels more like playing, and I'm looking forward to developing my career in Higher Education.

All Things Love

  Valentine’s Day is another one of those things that you either love or you hate. You’re either looking forward to tomorrow and all of those fuzzy feelings it will bring or you’re stocking up on liquor and horror movies … Continue reading


This Tuesday feels like a middle-of-the-semester-Tuesday. The type that’s cold and gray and a little overwhelming with all of the work to be done. Rochester, NY (where I live) got hit with about a foot and a half of snow … Continue reading

Must Being Doing Something Right

CNN published an article online about a month ago aptly named “Online Courses Need Human Element to Educate” by Douglas Rushkoff (2013). This article discussed the idea of Massive Online Open Classes, or MOOCs, as they’ve come to be known. … Continue reading

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Inspiration in the Unlikeliest of Places

I heard somewhere that Beyonce is like mushrooms: you either LOVE her or you HATE her. I, for one, am on the love side. When I heard she was going to perform at half-time of this year’s Superbowl, my husband … Continue reading



When I tell people that I attend graduate school online, there are always mixed reviews. Some respond with  “Oh, I could never do that”, while others think it’s the best idea they’ve heard in a long time. Before I really … Continue reading

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Back in Action

I feel as if I’m finally getting into the groove of being back in school. The break between finishing my undergrad degree to starting at MSPP was only five months, but in those five months, I got accustomed to not … Continue reading


Peppermint Hot Chocolate

I don’t have anything ground breaking for you today because it’s a snow day in this house. I already had the day off and am planning to be productive, but my husband called in to his internship so he wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Changing the Way Work Is Done Round Here

Today, I get a desk. I realize this is a very nerdy thing to admit, but this desk is going to change my life. I recently quit my second job at a restaurant chain, so I only work two days each … Continue reading

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Career Building in Student Affairs

Every job field is hard to break into. Companies, organizations, and institutions want to hire applicants with experience, but it’s difficult to get experience if no one will hire you. Student Affairs seems to be no different. Thankfully, however, there … Continue reading

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Full of hope

Guys won’t understand this, but a new tube of mascara holds so much hope. As you open the package and see that fresh wand, you think “Is this the mascara I’ve been waiting for? Is this the one that will … Continue reading