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I'm Jackie, a MSPP Higher Education online student. I recently graduated from Roberts Wesleyan College just outside of Rochester, NY and I live in Spencerport, NY with my best friend/husband/boy-roommate and no pets or babies just yet, thank the Lord. I'm into crafting, reading, frozen brownie batter, twinkle lights, and spending time with my cute new husband. I currently hold down 2 part-time jobs, but am looking to get into Student Affairs once I complete the HESPA program. Working with college students is my passion, because it feels more like playing, and I'm looking forward to developing my career in Higher Education.

The End

This is it for me here on the MSPP blog. Since the beginning of my program in October, you dear readers have seen me through adjusting to online learning, becoming passionate about Student Affairs, and struggling to juggle it all. … Continue reading

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There are some days that just lift you up and away with good feelings, and Wednesday was one of those days. It was my last day at my current job, so that I can have a few weeks to focus … Continue reading

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Happy Tuesday, everyone. Today is a beautiful spring day in Rochester, NY and it’s a day to be productive. My husband and I are going to run some errands and then we’re coming right home so I can get down … Continue reading

The Start of My Career

So the end result of that crazy job search is Dallas, Texas. I got offered a job working for a company that manages residence halls at colleges across the nation and it just so happens that they wanted me to … Continue reading


Another Field Project Update & A Plea for Help

With the countdown to moving coming up quick (5 weeks!), I’m starting to get down to business on my Field Project. You can read about it here and here, but a quick summary is that I’m working on bettering the … Continue reading

Can’t Wait to Get Going, but Not Quite Ready to Leave

I’m going to have some real talk with you guys tonight. This move that Ben and I have lined up is taking a toll on me already. We’ve had a few moving companies come by to give us estimates and … Continue reading

Integrity Online

Being in classes online is hard. From other posts I’ve written, you know that it’s been a struggle for me to balance life and schoolwork and it can be difficult to be disciplined enough to sit down at my computer … Continue reading


I Am the Luckiest

This is not why I married my husband, but I’ll be damned if he doesn’t make me feel like a rock star. Champagne, a sweet note, and a fund for new summer clothes for my new job. I can’t wait … Continue reading



Today, I accepted a job offer.  It’s in a far away state, in a city that my husband and I have never even visited, but we’re excited beyond belief. When the dust has settled a bit and detail are in … Continue reading


On Being Sure of Your Path

As I was rushing from my arrival gate to my departure gate on Tuesday, heading for a job interview in another state, I had my first moment of “I’m a professional right now”. I looked around and saw myself in the … Continue reading