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Nick Covino: Leveraging technology in education & mental health

Check out this interesting conversation with Nick Covino on leveraging technology in health care and education…

MSPP Veterans Conference, April 18!

Folks, Don’t forget about MSPPs veterans conference! The conference is April 18, 2014 – hear details from Dr. Dingman directly below. It will be an exciting day, with a terrific program and speakers.  

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Conversation with Dr. Covino

Folks, Take a look at this interesting discussion with Dr. Covino about MSPP, the mental health field, and MSPPs innovative academic approaches. Thanks, Dirk

Veterans conference, April 18, 2014

Folks, Please note that Dr. Robert Dingman is hosting a training event around mental health needs of veterans and their families at MSPP on April 18th. Please see details in the attached video, or Thanks!

Marshall Ganz on narrative & social movements

Hi, Please take the time to check out my conversation with Dr. Marshall Ganz at the Kennedy School of Government. Marshall Ganz is a senior lecturer in public policy at HKS, and a  leading expert in narrative, social movements and … Continue reading

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Dr. Gregory on Organizational/Leadership Psychology Program

Here’s a recent conversation with Dr. Erik Gregory, sharing his thoughts on MSPPs organizational & leadership psychology programs.

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Leadership Psychology vlog

Leadership Psychology has been around for a long time, but never the less, thoughts and theories in this fascinating field are as exciting today as they have ever been. I will start a series of video blogs beginning today, with … Continue reading

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If you are anything like me, then you are either cursing the winter Gods or Canada for causing us to risk life and limb leaving our front door in the unbearable New England cold. While I may not be struggling … Continue reading

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Thoughts on leadership

This has been a rough winter, and it’s barely started. But the climate is not the only storm we will be forced to endure in the coming weeks and months. Soon congress will kick the can down the curb on … Continue reading

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Information Processing and Technology

Edward Thorndike, a pioneer in learning theory once beliefs Psychology as being the science of the intellect, character and behaviors of animals including man. Considering the technological advancements of the twenty first century, Thorndike might be amazed by the way … Continue reading

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