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Learning from Practitioners

When I was in undergrad, I found that I learned the most from the professors who wove anecdotes from their professional lives through the course material. This seemed to make the research more relevant and helped me to connect with … Continue reading


Studying, with a side of …?

Take a look next to your computer right now. Is there a cup of tea there, a carafe of coffee, a mug of hot cocoa, maybe some juice? When you think about sitting down to get some work done for … Continue reading

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Culinary Therapy

Culinary therapy, or the act of preparing and cooking food as therapeutic process, is an area that intrigues me. There is somewhat of a parallel process of culinary therapy to psychotherapy in general in that there can be group, or … Continue reading

Removing Potential Barriers to Mental Health Care: Social Stigma and Insurance

They say when students are in medical school, they sometimes begin to diagnose themselves with rare and horrible diseases that they’re learning about. Most of the time, these diagnoses are unfounded and devoid of any real meaning, but the prevalence … Continue reading


Beards on Boylston: risk-taking and resiliency

This past weekend the city of Boston hosted a rolling rally, a parade that on its surface was a celebration of the inconceivable rise of the Boston Red Sox; however, it was clear that this was also a celebration of … Continue reading

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Mid-fall is my favorite time of the year. It’s sweater and boot but not yet shoveling weather. The leaves light up the sides of streets and pathways, but the trees are not completely bare yet. But even more wonderful than … Continue reading

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A walk down memory lane

Recently, some clients and I were chatting about childhood games and past times. Yes, I realize that this self-disclosure probably dated me, but heck, we were playing Jenga-Unchained, wherein each time a participant pulls a Jenga block successfully, s/he must … Continue reading

Team MSPP Midterms: Mission Possible

With all of the excitement around Boston sports teams recently, I was inspired to think about collaboration and teamwork à la MSPP. And no, this is not a post regarding good luck beards or other talismans. It’s a lovely fall … Continue reading

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From Français to Field Placement

Hello! I’m Ali, and I’m a first-year Clinical PsyD student at MSPP. I grew up a dozen miles or so from MSPP’s campus. Actually, my grandparents used to live within a ten minutes’ walk from Wells Avenue. I went to … Continue reading

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