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Hi! My name is Valerie. I am in my 2nd year of the MA Counseling program at MSPP. I am also a student in the Latino Mental Health Program. I am originally from the New York City area and I transplanted to MA to study for my Masters. I look forward to writing and sharing my adventures throughout the semester.

Fueling the End of the Semester

The semester is coming to a close and the brain and body are begging, “No more!” But shutting down this operation is not a choice. The group projects must be completed, the papers must be submitted and the assignments must … Continue reading

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Building the Brain… and Muscles?

This semester I joined a gym and started to look forward to workouts to alleviate stress. For a while I was lucky enough to rely on massages, but honestly, the “Self Care” column of my budget had too many $$. … Continue reading

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Still Thinking Thankful Thoughts

According to my classmates, in less than 6 months from today, those of us that are full-time, 2nd year MA Counseling students will graduate. I will leave the creation of those nifty countdown clocks to my peers. The (unfortunate) truth … Continue reading

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Not-so-tough Tuesday morning

I tried to wake up at 6:30 this morning. It didn’t happen. I eventually crawled out of my bed around 7 because Ralph sat at the door and cried. It was probably out of jealousy because he knew Lacey had … Continue reading

Judgement-free servings of potatoes

Most Sunday afternoons this semester have been a combination of pre-Monday jitters in anticipation of the busy day and a mad dash to finish x, y, and z assignments and readings. These afternoons are typically fueled by my most recent … Continue reading

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Then the next day…

Much to my surprise, the power only flickered on and off several times throughout the day yesterday. The food that was prepared in anticipation of a power failure has suddenly become a convenience item for the rest of the week. … Continue reading

Greetings through hurricane-force winds

*This blog was written on the day of the hurricane but due to some technical issues I was unable to get it posted here until now. Greetings! My name is Valerie and I am a 2nd (and final) year MA … Continue reading