About MSPP

From our new campus in Greater Boston, The Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology educates students for careers that meet the growing demand for access to quality, culturally competent psychological services for individuals, groups, communities & organizations both locally & around the globe. We offer 12 degree programs, with a focus on serving vulnerable populations, including children of adversity, Latinos & veterans, as well as organizations & leaders on the forefront of creating long-lasting social change. The core of our approach is providing students with hands-on experience at more than 350 field placement sites, preparing them to solve complex problems in an increasingly diverse world.

Our Mission 

MSPP strives to be a preeminent school of psychology that integrates rigorous academic instruction with extensive field education and close attention to professional development. We assume an ongoing social responsibility to create programs to educate specialists of many disciplines to meet the evolving mental health needs of society

Core Values 

Experiential Education
Integrate rigorous academic instruction with substantial clinical experience.

Social Responsibility
Educate providers to meet a diverse society’s evolving mental health needs including cultural competence and language training. Develop programs and partnerships to ensure access to mental health care for all persons.

Personal Growth
Foster a supportive, challenging and available learning environment that pays careful attention to personal and professional development.