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Nick Covino: Leveraging technology in education & mental health

Check out this interesting conversation with Nick Covino on leveraging technology in health care and education…

MSPP Veterans Conference, April 18!

Folks, Don’t forget about MSPPs veterans conference! The conference is April 18, 2014 – hear details from Dr. Dingman directly below. It will be an exciting day, with a terrific program and speakers.  

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Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine

The school year feels as if it’s winding down… and it doesn’t. Getting through the month of March for any educator is always the last long push before the spring rolls by- there are no breaks, no long weekends in … Continue reading

Benefits of Early Childhood Assessment

If you are concerned that your young child is not developing in an age-appropriate way, you should know that research demonstrates that early diagnosis and intervention are crucial.  When a diagnosis is made earlier, as the child’s brain is still … Continue reading

Can You Spare Some Change?

Change. It happens to every single one of us every single day. It’s oftentimes something that we simply allow to happen to us.  And at times we have no choice but to accept it. Consider the following series of change … Continue reading

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Super supervision

We know that supervision is a vital aspect of becoming a good practitioner. As a trainee, I rely on supervision for several reasons. First, it ensures that my clients are receiving quality therapy. By reviewing my client interactions with my … Continue reading

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A Small Helpful Tool

Organization is a key ingredient to a graduate student’s success. At MSPP, students typically have a lot going on: practicum/internship, school work, part-time work, and something that ever so slightly resemblances a social life. I previously wrote about how difficult … Continue reading

Global Mental Health Film Series: War Don Don

Several weeks ago, the Global Mental Health program hosted its first film screening of War Don Don.  The movie explores a post-war Sierra Leone in the throws of a court battle to determine who is most responsible for war crimes.  I … Continue reading

Conversation with Dr. Covino

Folks, Take a look at this interesting discussion with Dr. Covino about MSPP, the mental health field, and MSPPs innovative academic approaches. Thanks, Dirk

I guess that’s why they call it the blues

Sometimes I feel grateful to work in schools- I notice friends and family around me catching various forms of sniffles and colds while I generally remain healthy. I am sure this could be contributed to a myriad of things, but … Continue reading

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