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Hallmark Hurrah

This can be a tough time of the year for some people. Here in the Boston area, the luster of freshly fallen snow has worn out (don’t worry – we’re due for more soon!), and some of us might be … Continue reading

Greetings from a Global Mental Health Student

Greetings all! My name is Terna (say Tay-na). I am a first year Masters student in the Global Mental Health program. I have lived in 6 countries and several cities in the US. I am half Nigerian and half Liberian.The place … Continue reading

Pearls of Wisdom… no, really!

Among the myriad of Facebook posts (Side note: Facebook is 10?? Really? It makes me feel old to remember a time [high school!] before Facebook existed) there was the all too familiar link to a quasi-deep post that makes my … Continue reading

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Snow Day for All!

SNOW DAY! Offering a much-needed break from all things graduate school. It has really been great to be on a fixed schedule again, but boy did I need a day off. There’s something about snow days that allows you to … Continue reading

The Big Super Game

Being a Colorado native, that game was an ultra-disgrace. Like, beyond mortifying. Because I am from Colorado, it was easy for me to know who I should root for in tonight’s horrendous “big game”. (The NFL gets touchy about using … Continue reading

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