Season’s greetings!

Santa’s elves have been skipping through the hallways of the elementary school all morning. While the day before a vacation always puts an extra spring in everyone’s step, today’s cheerful imps are buoyed by the gifts and good cheer they are spreading to their teachers.
A lot of my students this year are old enough to bake themselves, and proudly tell me so as they pass over a bag of sugar cookies. Students who have been loud and boisterous all year in the lunch groups I facilitate are suddenly shy and whisper their “Merry Christmas” but look up and grin when I exclaim over the home made card and pin it up on my wall.
I am happy to say that most boys and girls use their pleases and thank yous. But I notice that very few realize how much a small gesture of their own work can make the adults in their life feel special. The candles and chocolates are lovely and will be enjoyed, but the hand made card from your little one brings me joy all year round!

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I am a 28-year-old-School-Psychology-CAGS/PsyD-student. Whew, what a mouthful. Journey and Styx rock my world, and some hardcore volleyball makes it go round n' round. I have spend the past six years working at a school/residential facility for children with emotional and behavioral disorders, and when I tried to quit in order to begin grad school, it just didn't take- I continue to pick up shifts every week so I can see my kids. I am a new homeowner about 40 minutes outside of Boston (another favorite band) with my husband and my 3 year old (rescued) mutt, Maisy. I am going to do my best to invite you inside my thoughts as I continue my grad school career as a simultaneously juggle my full time internship, CAGS classes and begin my journey into the PsyD- enter at your own risk!
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