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Don’t be stressed!

If you are reading this blog, then it means you have survived the first part of the triple threat-Turkey Day, but don’t breathe easy quite yet – we still have two more coming up – Christmas and New Year’s. Even … Continue reading

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Gratitude in action

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of the year, during which we celebrate family, friendship, and we take the time to express our appreciation and gratitude to important members of our communities. One important group we pay homage to are our … Continue reading

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Bah. Humbug!

The Christmas carols started early this year. I had barely passed out my last package of M&Ms to the zombie doctor darkening my doorway when the first Santa made his debut on my television screen, harping about the remaining 8 … Continue reading


Studying, with a side of …?

Take a look next to your computer right now. Is there a cup of tea there, a carafe of coffee, a mug of hot cocoa, maybe some juice? When you think about sitting down to get some work done for … Continue reading

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Winter Class and Textual Healing

I just ordered two text books for my next MSPP class titled, “Designing Organizations, Groups, and Teams”. Yes, class starts tomorrow. “Why did you wait so long to order your books?” you ask. Well, things happen; life happens. But Dr. … Continue reading

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Professional Selves- and a Confession

I have a confession to make. After I leave my practicum site I head across town to pick my daughter up from daycare. I cross the Merrimack River, guess which shortcut will be most effective that day, weave around slow-moving … Continue reading

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Welcome to Boston

I just read a piece on ESPN titled “The world according to Boston,” and I got the slight feeling the author was a little resentful of the strong pride Bostonians have, but I could not help but laugh because he … Continue reading

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The Power of Meditation

All Counseling Psychology students have to take Psychology of Diversity and Difference, typically in their first semester at MSPP, and the course focuses on teaching students how to become culturally competent therapists and counselors.  Taking hands on learning to a … Continue reading

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Overlaps and Updrafts

As previously mentioned, myself and another member of my MA/CAGS School Psychology cohort are embarking on an ambitious and perhaps insane attempt to begin our PsyD education while participating in the rigorous third year internship of the CAGS program. This … Continue reading

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Culinary Therapy

Culinary therapy, or the act of preparing and cooking food as therapeutic process, is an area that intrigues me. There is somewhat of a parallel process of culinary therapy to psychotherapy in general in that there can be group, or … Continue reading