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A walk down memory lane

Recently, some clients and I were chatting about childhood games and past times. Yes, I realize that this self-disclosure probably dated me, but heck, we were playing Jenga-Unchained, wherein each time a participant pulls a Jenga block successfully, s/he must … Continue reading

Long-time Learner, First-Time Blogger

Greetings from Dubai, U.A.E.! My name is Jean, and I am currently on a layover en route to Bangkok…from Afghanistan. I am evidence that the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology makes distance learning a reality in “all corners of the … Continue reading

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Why Dogs are Awesome (and why we should be more like them)

I am a dog person. I am so much of a dog person that I can’t even understand why anyone wouldn’t be. Most importantly, I think that dogs have a lot to teach us about how to be better humans. … Continue reading


Halfway Through- A Review of the First Half of the Semester

The semester is already half over! I thought this would be a good opportunity to share some of my observations about MSPP’s Clinical Psy.D program up until this point. I have to admit I didn’t really know what I was … Continue reading

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MSPPs Support of Veterans!

Hi – If you haven’t had the chance, make sure to inquire about MSPPs Military and Veterans Psychology concentration for clinical psych students. Please note that I would be that last person to advocate on behalf of anything that I … Continue reading

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Team MSPP Midterms: Mission Possible

With all of the excitement around Boston sports teams recently, I was inspired to think about collaboration and teamwork à la MSPP. And no, this is not a post regarding good luck beards or other talismans. It’s a lovely fall … Continue reading

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Dear All, I am delighted to collaborate with MSPP as a blogger, and share my experiences as a graduate of the Media Psychology Masters, and current student in the Leadership Doctoral program. I chose MSPP for my graduate studies for … Continue reading


Gimme Shelter

Wednesday, I started my practicum with the Veteran’s Northeast Outreach Center in Haverhill. VNOC is a non-profit organization which helps homeless veterans find housing and reintegrate back into society. Some of the veterans served have spent a large part of … Continue reading


Here’s to new beginnings

Hi everyone! I’m Fathima and I’m a first year student in the Counseling Psychology and Couples and Family Therapy Master’s program at MSPP. My road to MSPP is a sort of a unique one. I received my Bachelors of Science … Continue reading

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Art Therapy at MSPP? The Healing Power of the Arts and Psychology

I was walking to the first floor kitchen to heat up lunch a few weeks ago when I saw some ‘action’ going on in the first floor lounge. In case you forgot, I’m new here. For all I know, commotion in the … Continue reading

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