Long-time Learner, First-Time Blogger

Greetings from Dubai, U.A.E.!

My name is Jean, and I am currently on a layover en route to Bangkok…from Afghanistan.

I am evidence that the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology makes distance learning a reality in “all corners of the earth”.

The reason I came from Afghanistan is because I am deployed there, working for Uncle Sam until April 2014. Luckily, I have temporarily escaped the dust, and am able to take my MSPP studies with me on my R&R vacation to Thailand.

I applied to MSPP’s Master of Arts in Organizational Psychology just before I deployed. I figured this would be an ideal time to pick up some additional grad coursework; the curriculum looked perfect for me to hammer out a masters degree in a short year’s time. After all, I thought I’d have a bunch of time on my hands. All there would be to do in Afghanistan is work, work out, and study.

Well…sort of. When I arrived I realized I would be working 12-hour days, 7 days a week. This presented a challenge for creating work-life balance.

Technology was an additional challenge. When able to carve out school work time, would the internet cooperate and allow me to access required course pages? At times, no.

MSPP helped me address these challenges in two ways.

I was able to transfer credits from another institution that would cover the first Fall 2013 cohort course. Dr. Gregory, the Org Psych Director, was accommodating and fair about making this opportunity known and simplifying the process for my credit transfer request.

I could already tell that this would be a great school to work with. Additionally, as I realized the exorbitant challenge of achieving success in the accelerated program, I was approved to participate in the part-time MAOP program. So, although I won’t quite be able to redeploy with the better part of a graduate degree under my belt, I will be able to make steady progress towards this goal that will feasibly work with my current work-lifestyle.

Looking forward to the journey, and to blogging about it. Next time, we’ll discover my MSPP accomplishments from Thailand…

About jeanc2013

Recently deployed to Afghanistan as a civilian for the US military, specializing in organizational development and communications. Currently seeking my graduate degree in Organizational Psychology through MSPP on the part-time program, with intended graduation in 2015. I'm happy to answer any questions pertaining to my experiences with MSPP, working for the government, or travelingg and living abroad. Please don't be shy!
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