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Let’s talk about SELF, baby; let’s talk about you and me; let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things…

This semester, I took my first-ever course on psychodynamic theory (Professor Weiner – what what), and it was the jam. I think I have always naturally gravitated toward a more psychodynamic outlook; this class, however, maximized my understanding of such … Continue reading

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Going Clinical for Spring Break

Felix Trede is a 1st year student in the Clinical PsyD program at MSPP.  I have had the pleasure of having clinical seminar with Felix all year.  Our seminar class has become sort of a mini-family, and we often share … Continue reading

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There are some days that just lift you up and away with good feelings, and Wednesday was one of those days. It was my last day at my current job, so that I can have a few weeks to focus … Continue reading

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Cupcakes for Recovery

Last week’s events have left us a lot of us shaken, confused, and afraid.  However, they have also sparked an incredible sense of hope and a drive to move forward and help one another. A 4th year student at MSPP and … Continue reading

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Moving On From The Marathon: Processing Trauma

I have been searching for the words to write a post since the tragic events at the Marathon bombings last week.  It was a terrifying week to live in the city of Boston that left many of us shaken, scared, … Continue reading

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Graduation Goggles?

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of appointments, interviews, and dramatic events that have melted away the month of April at an alarming rate. I vividly remember looking forward to April vacation, and am startled to find it … Continue reading

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A Favorite Metaphor

There is an oft-heard metaphor in mental health work that I particularly like: providers should remember that they have to put on their own mask before assisting others. That is to say that professionals who work in mental health must … Continue reading


Happy Tuesday, everyone. Today is a beautiful spring day in Rochester, NY and it’s a day to be productive. My husband and I are going to run some errands and then we’re coming right home so I can get down … Continue reading

Processing Away as the End Comes Near

Yesterday I gave my Capstone presentation to my (thankfully) very small class and with just a few hiccups and 45 minutes of remembering to take in oxygen, it’s over!! While there still remain 2 very important assignments before I can … Continue reading


Neil Diamond at Fenway. xoxo.

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