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Field Project Update

Two months ago, I first mentioned my HESPA field project to you guys. I’ve researched Residence Life programming at various 4-year institutions and next, I’ll be diving into the programming that Monroe Community College is currently doing, taking the time … Continue reading

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You can take the girl out of MSPP…

…but you can’t take MSPP out of the girl! Since I last wrote, I’ve been taking it easy and hanging out with friends and family while contemplating my next steps since finishing my MAOP. I am done with my  degree, but … Continue reading

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My First Blog Ever

Who am I?  I think I have been asked that question in one form or another more times in the past year than in all the preceding years combined.  While I don’t think the answer to that question is the … Continue reading

Why Spring?

Because of birds chirping in the trees. Because of driving with the windows down. Because of fresh flowers brought home by your husband. Because of blankets spread under the trees upon which to read. Because of Saturdays at the Farmer’s Market. Because of daily bike rides around town. Because of the seasonal diet … Continue reading


Finally Settling In

The transition to graduate school and a new city is a difficult one.  However, I was slightly cocky and full of “I-just-graduated-college” pride, and didn’t think it was such a big deal.  I was ready to tackle the world after … Continue reading

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Mind your A’s & B’s

The situation for evaluating students at MSPP is in flux. Previously all students received credit or no credit for a class, with “credit problematic” being the only intermediary option. Students had to obtain an average above 84 to pass a … Continue reading

I Like School Work in June. How about You?

Today was the first day of registration for summer classes. I signed up for Clinical Practice of Psychodynamic Theory and Positive Psychology for summer session I, official confirmation that I won’t be able go with my college friends on their ridiculous Europe … Continue reading

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One wonderful aspect of the Higher Education M.A at MSPP is its’ length. After 10 months of intensive classes and hard work, we can hold our Masters degrees in our hand and go out into the world with new opportunities … Continue reading

Putting the “Ew” in “Lit ReviEW”

Actually, I kinda enjoy writing this lit review (it’s for my Clinical Seminar class); I got a late start on it, however, and it’s due on Wednesday, so…. “ugh,” “ew,” “boo,” hiss, and whatnot. I have set up shop at a … Continue reading

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This weekend we in the Primary Care program are completing our second Weekend in Residence of the semester.  A WIR, as we like to refer to it with a lighthearted chuckle, is when our blended format courses meet in person … Continue reading

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