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This Tuesday feels like a middle-of-the-semester-Tuesday. The type that’s cold and gray and a little overwhelming with all of the work to be done. Rochester, NY (where I live) got hit with about a foot and a half of snow … Continue reading

What to do with a double major in Psychology and Spanish:

When I went “away” to college in CowTown, USA, studying was my least favorite pastime as a freshman. Having moved from NYC to a village that had its very own alfalfa plant sending a less-than-stellar aroma into the environment, I … Continue reading

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Just Keep Swimming

The snow has been coming down for hours. Despite the fact that I dutifully went out to shovel the driveway and the walk no less than 4 separate times yesterday I can no longer see my husband’s car in the … Continue reading

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Snow White and the Seven Dorks

(There’s actually six of us (roommates) total, but I figured I’d include the dog in the mix) I didn’t have practicum at the counseling center yesterday (Friday) due to anticipation of the big blizzard. I was elated – I live … Continue reading

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Waiting for Nemo

My commute home yesterday was a tad stressful. With words like “oligodendroglia” and “exocytosis” still churning through my head after our first neuropsychology exam, I was dismayed to find roads blocked by lines of cars outside of gas stations as … Continue reading

60 Seconds of Impossibility

I am part of the Latino Mental Health Program, and my first class in the program is Introduction to Latino Culture.  Our first assignment is to create a group presentation on the term “latino.”  The challenge: we only have 60-seconds … Continue reading

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Must Being Doing Something Right

CNN published an article online about a month ago aptly named “Online Courses Need Human Element to Educate” by Douglas Rushkoff (2013). This article discussed the idea of Massive Online Open Classes, or MOOCs, as they’ve come to be known. … Continue reading

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My [Short] Journey to MSPP

You could say that I was born to be in the Psychology field, but that I didn’t realize it until it slapped me in the face right before I started undergrad. Before a very specific moment in time, my goal was … Continue reading

Inspiration in the Unlikeliest of Places

I heard somewhere that Beyonce is like mushrooms: you either LOVE her or you HATE her. I, for one, am on the love side. When I heard she was going to perform at half-time of this year’s Superbowl, my husband … Continue reading


Applying to MSPP for My MAOP

I wrote in my first ever post about how I chose organizational psychology and MSPP. What I didn’t detail was what it was like applying, playing the waiting game, and finally getting accepted! There are all different paths that people … Continue reading

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