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Let’s Talk About Termination Anxiety

“But it’s only February!” you say? Well, that’s exactly right. It is only February and I have already had a bad test run with my termination skills. During our weekly individual session, one of my clients was processing a number … Continue reading

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Road trip!

As of tomorrow at 3:30, my husband and I will be on a road trip. We’re headed to Memphis, Tennessee so that I can attend the Southern Placement Exchange, a job fair for Higher Education. Memphis is 17 hours from … Continue reading

Baby Fever

This year, I’ve had a serious case of Baby Fever (click that link- Time Magazine says it’s a real emotion!).  I have been seriously obsessed with babies and toddlers.  Maybe it’s because I just turned 23 and have hit my “fertile … Continue reading

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“Let yourself be puzzled by the obvious.” – Noam Chomsky

My first introduction to linguist/cognitive scientist/political critic Noam Chomsky was through Ali G’s prankster interview where he was asked such monumental questions as, “Why don’t you create a new language?… you could make a lot of money.” Chomsky responded with, … Continue reading

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How time flies…

I started this post last Thursday….. (image source) Nemo is coming! In all seriousness, there is apparently going to be a huge snowstorm tomorrow and this weekend. I have a lot going on this weekend and clearly the universe needed … Continue reading

A Million Tomorrows

Why do bad things happen all at once? If you’ve never thought about it, it’s absolutely true. For instance, this crazy blizzard that we’re just getting over completely screwed me over in so many different ways. Not only did I … Continue reading

Sugar, Spice, and Everything…. Nice?

I have never really thought much on the phrase “look daggers at”. It was something I glossed over, immediately translating into “gave a dirty look.” Just some sprinkles in the writing, someone having fun with a turn of phrase. Today, … Continue reading

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All Things Love

  Valentine’s Day is another one of those things that you either love or you hate. You’re either looking forward to tomorrow and all of those fuzzy feelings it will bring or you’re stocking up on liquor and horror movies … Continue reading

Two birds, one stone, as they say

Whether or not this post is being written by an author who has been awake for almost 24 hours is irrelevant. Today at internship was hilarious and almost unbearably weird… for more reasons than this writer can count. The fact … Continue reading

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Primary Care Behavioral Health

As the semester is beginning to take on full affect, we as a cohort are excited to dive right into our studies, discuss our practicum cases, and consult with one another.  We are particularly excited to continue building our unique … Continue reading

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