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Saying Goodbye

One of the things I think MSPP doesn’t do enough is tell their students how hard goodbyes are. There is no feeling quite like saying goodbye to a client, after forming a firm, positive relationship with them. This is especially … Continue reading

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from here I thought I’d never say this, but early mornings are my thing now. In my undergrad years (ahem, last year), I loved sleeping in and savored every single second of sleep that I could get. Now that I’m … Continue reading

Here We Go

Every time I say that phrase, a very popular ‘N SYNC song comes to mind… Anyway, it’s the start of a new year and a new semester, so it’s time for a new me. I understand that the first semester … Continue reading

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Too bad I don’t drink coffee….

Last year it was Manic Mondays. This semester its Trying Tuesdays. Or Tired Tuesdays. Or Tuckered Tuesdays.  My day begins well before the sun is up, getting ready for my practicum. After a full morning of testing students, meeting with … Continue reading

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The Documentation Blues and a little goal-setting to start the semester off right

It’s no surprise that human beings don’t love paper work. It can be monotonous and an altogether sleepy task. I did a wise thing before break: I made sure not to schedule a single client on my first day back to internship. … Continue reading


Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about assumptions. As psychologists, we always have to be aware of our assumptions.  No matter what kind of psychology you practice, you have to be aware of your assumptions about your clients, the world, … Continue reading

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Who Put the Bom in the BOMBAY Bom Ba Bom, Who Put the Bang in the BANGALORE-a Ding Dong

For the holiday break, I have been traveling in India with Kishore to visit his family, specifically having gone to Bombay/Mumbai, Bangalore/Bengaluru, and Hyderabad. The trip has been tremendous: the food, people, sites, overall culture. As I’m recovering from a … Continue reading

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The Next Step

A new year, a new set of goals. Two years ago I graduated from Endicott with my Bachelors degree, and this June I graduate MSPP with my Master’s. It’s experiences like this that are particularly exciting, mostly because a whole … Continue reading

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HESPA Field Project

As nerdy as it is to say, I’m excited for school to start up again. I have one specific reason though, and if it wasn’t for this reason, I’d be all for spending a few more weeks laying around the … Continue reading


Starting with Intention

Happy New Year to all! I hope everyone had a good holiday season with their loved ones and that you can come back to school and work feeling refreshed. One thing that I’ve been thinking about with this new year … Continue reading