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As I’ve mentioned before, my Higher Education: Student Personnel Administration degree program is completely online. I never have to go to campus to meet with a professor or go to class or anything, which is nice since I live in western New York.

My favorite thing about being in an online program? Being able to do my work wherever I want, whenever I want. We have deadlines, of course, with some work being due midweek and a paper usually due on Sunday nights, but that leaves room for me to fit it in whenever I can, in between working my two jobs, working at my internship, writing this blog along with my personal one, and spending time with my loved ones.

The best kind of work days are ones like today, when I can wake up with some writing and a cup of coffee and then get to work on my couch, with the sun shining in and some Jonsi playing on Spotify. I get to work in my sweatpants, under a cozy blanket, with the heater on high. I can be productive one minute and take a dance break the next.

There’s something to be said for brick & mortar learning, with face to face classes and interacting with classmates, but for where I’m at in life right now, online learning is even better.

About jackieqmspp

I'm Jackie, a MSPP Higher Education online student. I recently graduated from Roberts Wesleyan College just outside of Rochester, NY and I live in Spencerport, NY with my best friend/husband/boy-roommate and no pets or babies just yet, thank the Lord. I'm into crafting, reading, frozen brownie batter, twinkle lights, and spending time with my cute new husband. I currently hold down 2 part-time jobs, but am looking to get into Student Affairs once I complete the HESPA program. Working with college students is my passion, because it feels more like playing, and I'm looking forward to developing my career in Higher Education.
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3 Responses to Online Learning

  1. jackieqmspp says:

    I know! It’s so crazy what we can do with the internet now. I’m definitely blessed that I can take part in this awesome program without having to relocate.

  2. That’s pretty sweet when you could attend a school in another state and actually build your resume and knowledge in your chosen field. I think we really take that for granted because we’re so spoiled with the internet. You could never do this in the 1980s and 1970s.

  3. It’s very nice to meet you jackieqmspp and it’s a very interesting blog you have started on online learning. This is the future of higher (any kind for that matter) education.

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