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Come for the Professors, stay for the coffee.

Over the summer I moved. I had been living with my husband (then fiance) in a rented house, one with a large kitchen and small yard, but the kind of place where bright paint seeks to hide old cracks, the … Continue reading

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How did I get here?

At 22 years old, sometimes I wonder how I ended up at one of the best clinical PsyD programs in the country straight out of undergrad.  Here I am, sitting next to people with years more experience in life and/or … Continue reading

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The Truth About Capstone

It’s not so bad! Today I submitted 10 annotations for my annotated bibliography. I could possibly be called “Queen of Procrastination” but even for someone like me, this whole Capstone business is manageable. It is stressful, yes, but the syllabus … Continue reading

Back in Action

I feel as if I’m finally getting into the groove of being back in school. The break between finishing my undergrad degree to starting at MSPP was only five months, but in those five months, I got accustomed to not … Continue reading


Lets Talk About Self Care

Self-care is hard to come by in my life, as I imagine it is for most of the people reading this. When I’m not in class or at internship, I’m at my job at Pembroke Hospital. 90% of my week … Continue reading

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I <3 Experiential Education

As many of you may know already, experiential education is one of MSPP’s core values.  This played a large factor in my decision to attend MSPP.  In undergrad, I participated in a co-op program and now I am an assistant … Continue reading

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Peppermint Hot Chocolate

I don’t have anything ground breaking for you today because it’s a snow day in this house. I already had the day off and am planning to be productive, but my husband called in to his internship so he wouldn’t … Continue reading

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About Those Boundaries

“It was beautiful, Val!!!!” said my client as she threw her arms around me for the hugest hug I have ever received from a non-family member or close friend. My client was recounting her 1 Year of Sobriety presentation at … Continue reading

Changing the Way Work Is Done Round Here

Today, I get a desk. I realize this is a very nerdy thing to admit, but this desk is going to change my life. I recently quit my second job at a restaurant chain, so I only work two days each … Continue reading

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Where My Ladies at

  There’s nothing like waking up at 5:30 am on a Saturday. Kishore was sprawled out on the bed next to me, closed eyes, gaping mouth, mocking me with his maintained slumber. He only woke up to tell me to stop using … Continue reading

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