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Taking A Stand

Today was a historic day for me as a counselor-in-training. “Why, Ashley?” You may be asking. I’ll tell you. It begins with a story, starting a week ago (last Friday). I run a group at my internship site called “Meeting … Continue reading

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Hora de Fiesta

Last night, some of has had the chance to have a little fun as finals loom over us.  It was the Holiday Party for the Latino Mental Health Program.  If you don’t know what that is, you can learn more … Continue reading

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When you hear hoofbeats, you are supposed to think “horse” not “zebra”. Most of the time, that is sound advice. Sure enough, you turn to see a glossy chestnut or black stallion thundering across the field, not a black or … Continue reading

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Building the Brain… and Muscles?

This semester I joined a gym and started to look forward to workouts to alleviate stress. For a while I was lucky enough to rely on massages, but honestly, the “Self Care” column of my budget had too many $$. … Continue reading

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Introducing myself

Hello there, fellow MSPP friends. I’m Jackie, the new blogger on the block and I thought I’d take a minute to introduce myself before jumping right into real blog posts, where you’d read them and go “wait, who is this … Continue reading

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Still Thinking Thankful Thoughts

According to my classmates, in less than 6 months from today, those of us that are full-time, 2nd year MA Counseling students will graduate. I will leave the creation of those nifty countdown clocks to my peers. The (unfortunate) truth … Continue reading

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Not Yes

You guys, I think the secret is out. Busy people get things done. Who knew? Apparently lots of people, even in Franklin’s time. This is what keeps us busy people so busy. Right now, I may be the busiest I … Continue reading

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DSM-V and the Future

Today the DSM-V was confirmed by the APA’s Board of Trustees. This means that, finally, the new edition of the DSM will be published and used by professionals. Especially exciting is the number of changes made to diagnoses or criteria, … Continue reading

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Homework as Self Care from Socializing

Given that the semester is winding down, all of my activities are picking up. At this point, between my practicum work at the counseling center, my Boston Area Rape Crisis Center supervisory duties, my work for MSPP’s Student Coordinating Committee, … Continue reading

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