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“Never Worry Alone”

Today’s tragedy stuns the nation. It generates conversations even as it breaks hearts. Facebook is plastered with personal statements. Statistics. Most of it is about guns, and gun control. There is another important aspect to this tragedy: the access to … Continue reading

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The Grad Student Gift Guide

If your family is anything like mine, all you’re hearing lately is questions of what you’d like for Christmas. My family is one that loves to give gifts and while I love this about us, it can get stressful trying … Continue reading

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This past Saturday, I went to MSPP for the first time ever. I know, I know… I am an MSPP student, I live in Newton, what’s the deal? Well, with a busy work schedule and demanding classes, I never seemed … Continue reading

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Survival Mode: A Strengths-Based Approach

Most folks probably have an idea of how a strengths-based model works: Rather than focus on the problem or what’s “wrong” with the picture, you start with identifying what does work, or the sources of strength. Not only can this … Continue reading

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[Insert trite, irritating title featuring the phrase "Who Let the Dogs Out"]

I chose a college counseling center for my second-year practicum with the intention of strengthening my psychotherapy skills (as mentioned previously, my first-year site was a psychiatry unit, which fostered a short-term, assessment-based “medical” model) – I have found, however, … Continue reading

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How to Stay Motivated While the Rest of the World Has Holiday Fun

The thing about HESPA’s online Master’s program is that we go year round. Unlike literally every other college student in the United States, we don’t finish up our semesters a few weeks before Christmas and then have a whole month … Continue reading

Fueling the End of the Semester

The semester is coming to a close and the brain and body are begging, “No more!” But shutting down this operation is not a choice. The group projects must be completed, the papers must be submitted and the assignments must … Continue reading

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Speed limit to be determined

We are hurtling towards the end of the semester. I am not ready for the final onslaught of papers and exams, but here they come. Our cohort only has one more semester of “full-time” classes after this spring. Around this … Continue reading

Ending up at MSPP

Last spring, in the final semester of my undergraduate degree, the last thing on my priority list was applying to grad schools. I’d been earning my Bachelor’s for 4 long years [though it felt light-years longer at the time], and before that, … Continue reading

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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (until January 2nd)

Boston and the holiday season go so well together. The holiday lights and decorations nicely adorn the brownstones and storefronts and parks, and the cold weather provides a good excuse to snuggle up with hot chocolate and start a fire … Continue reading