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This past Saturday, I went to MSPP for the first time ever. I know, I know… I am an MSPP student, I live in Newton, what’s the deal? Well, with a busy work schedule and demanding classes, I never seemed … Continue reading

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Survival Mode: A Strengths-Based Approach

Most folks probably have an idea of how a strengths-based model works: Rather than focus on the problem or what’s “wrong” with the picture, you start with identifying what does work, or the sources of strength. Not only can this … Continue reading

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[Insert trite, irritating title featuring the phrase "Who Let the Dogs Out"]

I chose a college counseling center for my second-year practicum with the intention of strengthening my psychotherapy skills (as mentioned previously, my first-year site was a psychiatry unit, which fostered a short-term, assessment-based “medical” model) – I have found, however, … Continue reading

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How to Stay Motivated While the Rest of the World Has Holiday Fun

The thing about HESPA’s online Master’s program is that we go year round. Unlike literally every other college student in the United States, we don’t finish up our semesters a few weeks before Christmas and then have a whole month … Continue reading