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Thoughts from India

I have been in India for the holiday break, currently in Hyderabad, a major city in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh. As you may have heard, India has been in an uproar in reaction to the violent sexual assault … Continue reading

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The Last Day

Happy Apocalypse, readers! Or for you non-believers, happy last-day-of-internship! If you’re a geek like me, you know that the above picture references The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. For all you other people, it’s just a creepy picture of a … Continue reading

When All Else Fails…

Bake! Or rather, don’t bake. These graham-cracker-chocolate-peanut-butter-balls are no bake and they’re super easy for a quick little break in between writing papers and holiday parties and all that jazz. So here we go. This is the stuff you need: … Continue reading

I Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Blog-Reading…

To bring you this important announcement… Self-care is extremely important! We all have to take a break and have a laugh every once in a while. Getting in some physical activity and listening to music are also good ways to … Continue reading

Response to Sandy Hook Tragedy from an MSPP Faculty Member (Dr. Modesto Hevia)

December 14, 2012 My Dear Friends and Colleagues, As I’m sure is the case with all of us who are parents and/or work with children and parents – my heart sank when I heard the terrible news and thought about … Continue reading

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What If We Don’t?

from here I’ve kind of fallen off the social media train lately. I have a personal blog that I used to write in every weekday and an iPhone filled with Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram that I’d check constantly, but lately, … Continue reading

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A Very Pink Christmas

This weekend I got together with my Boston-based family for some early rockin’ around the Christmas tree (When I say “rockin’ around,” I mean “sitting around eating eggplant parm and lasagna” and when I say “the Christmas tree,” I mean … Continue reading

Holiday Fun: Procrastination? Or Self-Care?

I know you haven’t heard much from me the past couple weeks, but you shouldn’t take it personally.  It is finals time, so there is school stress.  It is application time to new sites, so there is practicum stress.  It … Continue reading

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Facing the Facts

Tonight my mom asked me, “So just how much do you really know about what happened in Connecticut?” I admitted to her that really I didn’t know too many details because I kind of tried not to find out. After … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the unthinkable

One of the major takeaways from my three semesters of MSPP classes and practicum is the following: complex problems require complex solutions. Challenges that are years in the making will also be years in the un-making. And so it goes … Continue reading

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