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My Path to MSPP

Hello, readers! My name is Jen and I will be posting here on the MSPP blog. I wanted to take a few moments to introduce myself and share how I found my way to MSPP. I am a student in … Continue reading

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Spotlight on…..Chris!

Chris is a third-year in the school psychology program. He has been a teaching assistant and research assistant, and has some amazing hidden talents (like flying!) – he also was the first person to tell me about the program at … Continue reading

What is a School Psychologist?

There are a lot of answers to this question. The answer not only depends on who is asking the question, but of whom the question is asked. This is School Psychology Awareness week. The field itself is in a state of … Continue reading

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Voting, Registering, Presenting, oh my!

Happy Tuesday! And what an exciting day it has been. Between registering for classes and voting (you all voted, right?), today could not get more hectic. Unless you have a presentation for Internship Seminar, like I do. Then you’re day … Continue reading

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Judgement-free servings of potatoes

Most Sunday afternoons this semester have been a combination of pre-Monday jitters in anticipation of the busy day and a mad dash to finish x, y, and z assignments and readings. These afternoons are typically fueled by my most recent … Continue reading

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Young at Heart

She looked for all the world like one of my young clients from last year. She spun in the chair, lifting her feet as it twirled, and grinned from ear to ear as she told me about her report card. … Continue reading

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Holla’ BARCC, Young’n (Hooo Hooo!)… The Annual Boston Area Rape Crisis Center Gala!

One good thing about Boston is its availability of volunteer opportunities. Given my interest in social-justice-oriented issues, I chose to get involved with Boston Area Rape Crisis Center in an effort to play a role in challenging the gender-based power … Continue reading

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Happy November! (An Introduction.)

Hello MSPP readers and bloggers alike! My name is Ashley, and I’m happy to be joining the fabulous team of writers here on MSPP Student Voices! I’m here until I graduate next June, so let me tell you a little … Continue reading

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