Let’s Dance

One of my students/clients at the counseling center has recently been learning how to play a musical instrument, finding that music-making serves as a powerful coping mechanism for her. For our last session, given that she has been going through some tough life circumstances, she brought this instrument into our session and sang and played three songs for me. I said nothing – just listened, pretty amazed by her talent.

For most of my clients, if not all, I find that their healing doesn’t come from me directly, but through their own initiative, whether by deciding to pick up a musical instrument or reach out to a friend or finally sit down with their parents to talk stuff out or make time every day to play with a dog – I am merely there as a guide, someone to provide a safe, comforting, and sometimes even playful space in which they can explore their own thoughts and feelings and interests and overall self to come up with some sort of “plan” for getting through.

For me, I “get through” through humor and by spending time with my dog and cats, making art, playing with rocks (meh, I was an Environmental Studies minor), reading, and chillin’ with all my homeboys and homegirls. Also, this video called Let’s Dance I recently came across puts a smile on my face. Hope you enjoy :)

(PS. I feel like this post needed a lil’ more humor, so – here – I’ll tell you a quick funny story to spice things up: my roommate ordered online a movie about Edgar Allen Poe that she had been dying to watch; when the package came in the mail today, she realized that she had accidentally (and stupidly) ordered a movie about J. Edgar Hoover)

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Originally from Washington, DC, I'm a second-year Clinical Psych. doctoral (PsyD) candidate. I earned my BA from Boston College and my MS in Psychology from Boston University, where I served as PI of a study that explored the relationship between social-category language and stereotypes. I work as a Peer Supervisor for Boston Area Rape Crisis Center and at MSPP, I serve as Co-Chair of the Gender Equality Committee. I like comedy, especially The Onion, and animals, and I live in Allston with five absurd roommates.
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  1. Fixed! Now it’s back to looking like she’s the only stupid one. ;)

  2. Hahahaha, double stupidity!

  3. D. C. says:

    I think you may be confusing J. Edgar Hoover with Pres. Herbert Hoover. See here for details on J. Edgar – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J._Edgar_Hoover

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