Thanksgiving, Grad School Style

Wow, that title alone has put Gangnam Style in my head… Do I sense a parody video?!

One of my friends has recently begun to call me SN, for Super Nerd. This is not strictly based on my enrollment in a grad program, but perhaps also related to how I nerd out over language, love to discover patterns, and wear over-sized glasses.

This Thanksgiving, I more than earned my SN title. For my current class, Assessment, Intervention, and Evaluation in Organizational Development, we are conducting a qualitative research project around the topic of Thanksgiving. Essentially, we had to develop an interview protocol related to Thanksgiving and interview people of our choosing. I chose friends and family- lucky them! After I had officially interviewed the people I am using for my study, I found myself asking other friends and family members my interview questions. This was during a “slow week” in class where we did not have our usual assignments because of the holiday. It just goes to show you, that one cannot simply “take a break” from school.

All joking aside, I think that this little “nerd out” of mine this past week is a bit of a sign that I chose a field I am really passionate about. If you are still thinking about what you’re learning in school when you don’t have to, I would take that to mean that you have picked the right field! That is certainly one thing that I am thankful for this year.

And, as a thank you to you for reading this, here is what you find when you search for “grad school style” on YouTube:

I hope you had a great holiday!

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I am a student in the online Master of Arts in Organizational Psychology program at MSPP. My interests include languages, baking vegan goodies, and exploring new places near and far.
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3 Responses to Thanksgiving, Grad School Style

  1. msppjen says:

    That’s a great idea, TJ! Thanks for your comment!

  2. very good video … This song is really hitting a lot … happy thanksgiving day

  3. TJ says:

    Hey ‘SN’, why not organize a flash video from MSPP?
    Great post, by the way.

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