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What happens now?

Sometimes all I think about is helping kids, teachers, and their families. Finding the right resources, creating the correct plan, marshaling a team of caring adults to foster a young student’s academic and emotional success. But what happens when an … Continue reading

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Moving West and The Meaning of “Everything”

As I mentioned before, I am from a rural area in Upstate NY.  I grew up with trees and grass and cows and farms.  When I was in high school, I hated living in the middle of nowhere, and complained … Continue reading


Maybe I should invest in a set of crampons?

8 professors, 1 daunting first-year exam, 35 credits, 11 rigorous courses, a teacher licensing exam, 200 hours of practicum, and uncountable hours of studying later….we had made it! Well, sort of. If you want to be a school psychologist, getting … Continue reading