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Removing the “shmindfulness” from “mindfulness shmindfulness”

When I first heard about this “mindfulness” business, I thought to myself, “Bologna.” I don’t even think that I cared enough to give it a full “bologna” – I think I thought “Bolo -” and then my cat walked by … Continue reading

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Pass the maple syrup, please.

The smell of frying oil enveloped me as I stepped into the central classroom of my school district’s alternative high school. One student flipped pancakes, while another wolfed down browned sausage links. Strawberries, whipped cream, maple syrup, and orange juice … Continue reading

Weathering the Storm

We had a stats midterm today.  And you know what, despite the high probability I calculated that the stress from the exam might kill me, I survived.  By some miracle, I survived.  We all did.  My whole class walked out … Continue reading

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To all fabulous teachers…

The young man was very endearing in his openness and willingness to speak with me. His affect was kind and considerate, and his contemplation over the True/False section of the BASC-2 highlighted one of his greatest roadblocks to academics: he … Continue reading

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“Food and beverage and feminism will be served”

So we just held our first Gender Equality Committee (formerly Feminist Committee) meeting of the school year, which served as an initial introductory get-together, and it was quite a success. As the co-chair of the committee alongside my good friend, … Continue reading

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From Type B to Type A?

Being a good listener, analyzing data, administering cognitive assessments, and negotiating with multiple parties are all key skills for a school psychologist, second only to knowing how to play UNO and keeping a sense of humor around surly teenagers. I … Continue reading

Just Getting Started

Hello everyone!  My name is Hannah and I am one of the new bloggers.  I thought I’d use my first post to tell you a little about myself and fill you in on my undergrad -> grad school transition so … Continue reading

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Going to the Chapel….

I had class yesterday. It was a good class, with an engaging professor and highly relevant information. There was even hands on activities, which I usually find to be inviting. I spent the entire period looking at the clock, watching … Continue reading

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Athans Cafe: Come for the coffee and company (but get outta there because of the music)

I’m writing this blog at Athans, a coffee shop in Brookline. After years of being a coffee-shop nomad in Boston, I settled on Athans as my go-to study spot – with its clientele of hard-at-work graduate students, combined with its … Continue reading

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My Two Cents on Surviving Year One

The beginning of each school year in the school psychology department at MSPP includes a department lunch and meeting. Students and faculty gather to meet each other, discuss upcoming events, plan for the coming year, and of course, enjoy tasty … Continue reading