Then the next day…

Much to my surprise, the power only flickered on and off several times throughout the day yesterday. The food that was prepared in anticipation of a power failure has suddenly become a convenience item for the rest of the week. This is completely okay by Valerie standards. The truth is: I was terrified of being in my apartment alone throughout the winds and rain. Consequently, after 3 hours of obsessively staring at weather updates on the television, I shut it all down. A good game of 20 questions on the telephone helped to ease my mind. Soon I was able to relax from the stress and excitement of the day’s unpredictability and get some rest, anticipating a return to normal routine.

This morning I called my internship site director around 8:30am. I suspect the early-morning ring was more of an unwelcome wake up call than an eager intern just trying to get some information. Nonetheless, she informed me that my site would have a 1-hour delayed opening and would I mind letting the other interns know? Of course. No problem! See you later. If I had known just how long my day would be, I would not have gone in until 12pm! After arriving to the office just after 10am, I found myself swamped in to-do’s that carried over from last week. My mom was visiting for a few days and in an eager rush to get home to spend time with her, I made a list and left it for this week. Thankfully my morning, and a better part of my afternoon, was wide open and somehow I completed 3 treatment plans, 2 progress notes, consulted with two clinicians on a couple of cases, made several re-scheduling phone calls for the receptionist and generally got organized. There was also an individual session as well as a planning session to facilitate a substance abuse group for second offenders in the mix. Number of hours clocked in at internship today: 10. Collective value of all of the things I learned and accomplished in one day back at the office: Priceless.

About abrigovmspp

Hi! My name is Valerie. I am in my 2nd year of the MA Counseling program at MSPP. I am also a student in the Latino Mental Health Program. I am originally from the New York City area and I transplanted to MA to study for my Masters. I look forward to writing and sharing my adventures throughout the semester.
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