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Sharing Stories

I’ve only been at MSPP for two months, and so far I have met some truly incredible people that I will consider life-long friends.  One of those friends in my first year cohort is named Nicole, and we spend about … Continue reading

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Then the next day…

Much to my surprise, the power only flickered on and off several times throughout the day yesterday. The food that was prepared in anticipation of a power failure has suddenly become a convenience item for the rest of the week. … Continue reading

Greetings through hurricane-force winds

*This blog was written on the day of the hurricane but due to some technical issues I was unable to get it posted here until now. Greetings! My name is Valerie and I am a 2nd (and final) year MA … Continue reading

Succumbing to Sandy (and School), or Embracing the Unexpected?

This time last week I had no idea a hurricane was even in the weather forecast. Now, two canceled days of school, two postponed classes, 24 hours of whipping wind, and countless Twitter updates later, I can’t imagine Sandy not … Continue reading