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Sharing Stories

I’ve only been at MSPP for two months, and so far I have met some truly incredible people that I will consider life-long friends.  One of those friends in my first year cohort is named Nicole, and we spend about … Continue reading

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Then the next day…

Much to my surprise, the power only flickered on and off several times throughout the day yesterday. The food that was prepared in anticipation of a power failure has suddenly become a convenience item for the rest of the week. … Continue reading

Greetings through hurricane-force winds

*This blog was written on the day of the hurricane but due to some technical issues I was unable to get it posted here until now. Greetings! My name is Valerie and I am a 2nd (and final) year MA … Continue reading

Succumbing to Sandy (and School), or Embracing the Unexpected?

This time last week I had no idea a hurricane was even in the weather forecast. Now, two canceled days of school, two postponed classes, 24 hours of whipping wind, and countless Twitter updates later, I can’t imagine Sandy not … Continue reading


I am writing to correct a statement made in an earlier blog post. The school psychology director’s scrumptious homemade dish of choice is not veggie lasagna, but spinach casserole. This is an important distinction. He is happy to give out … Continue reading

NYC: Just a Hop, Skip, and a Four-and-a-half-hour Chinatown Bus Ride Away

Being a student in Boston allows you access to all of the amazing resources that the city has to offer: museums, libraries, colleges, restaurants, sports venues. It’s an old city that fosters a quaint, town-ish charm with its many 19th-century-Paris-inspired … Continue reading

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How to Write 40 Pages in a Week

A step-by-step guide on how to complete 5 papers for the same week: Work out a lot.  The endorphins will give you energy to keep going. Bake cookies.  They will help your emotional stability. Go to parties.  My MSPP friend … Continue reading

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Time for trick-or-treating!

Next Wednesday, the tiniest walking shark in Boston will be knocking on my door in search of treats. My downstairs neighbor turned two this summer, and this is the first Halloween that he is old enough to “get” the idea … Continue reading

If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Wheelock College Counseling Center

My second-year PsyD practicum is at Wheelock College, a program that complements my first-year practicum work at Newton-Wellesley Hospital’s Psychiatry Unit. I went from diagnoses, formal titles, and overhead lighting to psychotherapy, first-name bases, and Bed Bath & Beyond lamps. … Continue reading

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We’re not in Kansas anymore

I waited until my break before sneaking up the staircase to the lone free coffee machine in the building. Though I occasionally miss the days when the School Psychology program had its own building (and own coffee machine!) I have … Continue reading