A New Start

Sometimes I still get lost on my way to class. And I’m not totally sure how to print pdf documents off my computer. I love the sunlight pouring in through the windows, though I wish we had a dedicated “school psychology space” for our (sometimes) rowdy games of bananagrams.  The new chairs are pretty comfy, and I am enjoying seeing and getting to know MSPP students from other programs. 

In case you haven’t been on the school website lately, or read any of the recent 1,200 memos on the topic, MSPP moved this summer to a new building. As a school, we are no longer crammed into two small buildings straddling the VFW parkway. We have a shiny, new space to house us all. While my poor sense of direction has led me down a few wrong turns on my way to school, I’m starting to figure out the best routes from my apartment, and how to find nearby snacks. At least the never-empty candy jar has made the move, too!

I look forward to sharing my adventures and reflections from my second year in the school psychology program, as we settle into the new space and a new school year. 


About shansenmspp

I am a second-year school psychology student. I completed my undergraduate degree at Macalester College, with majors in Sociology and Spanish. In addition, I have a master's degree in Public Affairs. I have worked as a language teacher in the U.S. and Latin America, and I speak Spanish and some Portuguese. I love reading, yoga, cooking, traveling, and hanging out with good friends. Oh, and playing with my impish rescue pup, Atlas.
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  1. Avast says:

    Hi Shansenmspp, I love reading your post, you are the reason why I keep coming to this site. Good job

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