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Through the looking glass

The setup was familiar; groups of tables dotted with green folders, anxious faces with screwed on smiles, and the inevitable variation of outfits that occurs when young, not-quite-professionals dress to impress. Though the laughter was initially forced and the smiles … Continue reading


“Self-care” is a bit of a buzz word around MSPP.  The term, which is fairly self explanatory, refers to the activities we all do to to maintain our physical and emotional health.  Self-care activities range from going to the gym … Continue reading

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Q & A (and chocolate chip cookies) with the President

I have been known to take on too much. This year is a perfect example of this tendency, as I juggle 5 classes, my 10-hour a week practicum, 2 work-study jobs, and a semi-regular babysitting gig, while still working out … Continue reading


I Miss Bread!

When I first learned that I would have to give up something for my Substance Abuse class -for a course-length assignment- I felt frustrated. Interestingly enough, my frustration was not based on the fact that I found it inconvenient or … Continue reading

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Spring is in the Air!

It is absolutely beautiful here in Boston!  68 degrees and sunny- who could complain!  Two days of sixty-degree weather and I feel like a new person.  It is amazing how much the weather can affect one’s mood.  After a couple … Continue reading

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We named the dog Indiana

Who has seen Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? There is a terrifying moment when Indy is traversing the treacherous path to the Holy Grail and is required to take a leap of faith: despite a horrifyingly large and bottomless … Continue reading


In real life, therapy is much different than it is portrayed in the media.  Therapy scenes in TV and movies are overly dramatic: the patients are constantly making “breakthroughs,” someone is always crying or screaming, and, generally, therapists are much more … Continue reading

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First Blended Course: Complete

As of last night at 11:15pm I officially finished my Adult Psychopathology blended course.  I think I have mentioned this class before, but just as a reminder blended courses are primarily online with the exception of one “weekend-in-residence” where we … Continue reading

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Smell the roses, blow out the candles

“Remember to feed the teachers, or else they’ll eat the children!” I was told this last night by a professor, and while it tickled my funny bone it also resonated. Teachers that are tired, unappreciated, unconnected and who feel incapable … Continue reading

Nuts & Bolts

In about an hour, a few of my coworkers at the academic resource center and myself will be leading a workshop on “the nuts and bolts of graduate writing skills.”  We’ll be speaking about basic academic writing skills, and offering … Continue reading

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