My First Weekend-in-Residence

I survived my first weekend-in-residence for my Adult Psychopathology blended class.  I must say, I was a little anxious going in- okay I was dreading it- as the sheer thought of two days back to back in class from 8:30-5:30 is exhausting.  However, while I was pretty tired by the end of the day on Sunday, all in all the weekend was pretty good.

The variety of activities we did definitely helped to break up the weekend.  We started out with a lecture on Saturday morning about defense mechanisms and diagnosing with the DSM and then after lunch we did some practice cases of diagnosing, which I must say was actually fun.  Then we were assigned to groups to work on case presentations for the next day.  Despite the winter weather and slippery roads, Saturday went pretty well.

Then on Sunday morning we had a lecture and discussion about personality disorders, which was really interesting, and we had some more time to work on our group presentations.  We also watched a really interesting movie about Richard Kuklinski, also known as the Iceman, a serial killer who worked for the mafia.  The documentary depicted an interview between Kuklinksi and a psychiatrist, during which he talked about his complete lack of emotion or remorse for brutally killing over 250 people.  While I am certainly disturbed at the thought that people like him exist, it is fascinating at the same time to think that someone can have such a severe emotional detachment.  How can you kill someone or slice up their body and feel nothing?  I urge you all to check out this video if you have a chance…my description doesn’t do it justice.

After watching the inner most workings of the Iceman, we took a break and then gave our presentations.  Before leaving we had a quiz where we were given a case and we had to accurately diagnose the client using the DSM.  I struggled a bit to focus on doing so as I was pretty tired by the end of the day, but I completed the quiz and headed home.  All in all, the weekend was much more do-able than I anticipated and I would take another blended course.

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Hi! My name is Ashley Gareau and I am a first year student in the Master’s in Counseling Psychology program at MSPP. I graduated from Lafayette College in May of 2009 with a B.A. in Psychology and moved to the Boston area shortly thereafter. Following my undergrad years I assumed a position at Children’s Hospital Boston working as an Administrative Assistant for one of the physicians. While working at Children’s I spent a lot of time volunteering with patients on the organ transplant unit and discovered a passion for health psychology. Alas, I decided to attend graduate school for counseling and I have hopes of applying to Psy.D programs when I am done with my master’s. When I’m not studying or doing work (which is rare these days!) I can be found doing yoga, knitting, playing with my dog, or spending time with my family and friends. Also, I absolutely love the outdoors and try to ski, hike, and bike as much as I can! Welcome to my blog and I look forward to sharing my journey through graduate school with you all!
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  1. That’s very sad that people are like this. It makes you wonder how many people if given the opportunity to get away with it, WOULD kill someone.

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  2. jgarciamspp says:

    Congrats on surviving your first WIR! They are exhausting but I definitely enjoy them. I am glad that Dr. Clark and Dr. Orozco combined our classes. It was nice to see everyone.


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