fuzzy feelings

“I have been waiting and waiting for you!” he exclaimed, huge grin spread across his freckled face.

Some of the best moments in life arise from feeling needed. Especially when you are wanted by a young child. No matter the type of day you are having- for instance, spilling your cup of coffee on the way to work- having a child happy to see you can buoy your spirits. Their sunny smiles are infectious.

The even better news is that you can reciprocate. Studies have shown that an “extra” adult that cares and shows interest in a child can help to insulate a child against hardship. But I wonder if anybody has studied this relationship in reverse; what does the child do for the adult? You can ask anybody: there is certainly something special being given to us in return, something that a gap toothed smile can only begin to hint at.

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I am a 28-year-old-School-Psychology-CAGS/PsyD-student. Whew, what a mouthful. Journey and Styx rock my world, and some hardcore volleyball makes it go round n' round. I have spend the past six years working at a school/residential facility for children with emotional and behavioral disorders, and when I tried to quit in order to begin grad school, it just didn't take- I continue to pick up shifts every week so I can see my kids. I am a new homeowner about 40 minutes outside of Boston (another favorite band) with my husband and my 3 year old (rescued) mutt, Maisy. I am going to do my best to invite you inside my thoughts as I continue my grad school career as a simultaneously juggle my full time internship, CAGS classes and begin my journey into the PsyD- enter at your own risk!
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3 Responses to fuzzy feelings

  1. Yes, kids are a beautiful thing. They remind us, that it’s ok to be human, and that no one is perfect. Great read! :)

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  2. Zeeba Khan says:

    I have a similar story in my life. There is a kid in my neighbors, he has got huge attachment with me every evening when I return from office, he eagerly waits for me. The moment he sees me, there won’t be any limit of his happiness. His approach towards me is just speechless and it refreshes my energy.

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