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The Rest is Pretty Much History

Question: How many papers can a Jessica write in a weekend? Answer: an 8 page paper, a 5 page paper, and brainstorming/1st draft of a 7 page paper. (Not to mention all the reading that needs to be done for … Continue reading

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Today I attended my first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.  As part of our Substance Abuse and Treatment class we were ask to attend a meeting and write a paper about our experience.  Substance abuse is overwhelmingly prevalent in our society and … Continue reading

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Getting On Track With My Lit Review

Last month, I met with my doctoral project committee chairman to discuss my progress thus far (or lack thereof).  We discussed my topic area, which I’ll describe in a bit, and he gave me some valuable tips for finding relevant … Continue reading

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Can you walk and chew gum?

Before starting a school psychology program, I thought I was pretty good at multi-tasking.  In Chile, I learned to flag down a speeding bus, while talking on the phone, and helping an elderly woman get into her car. As a … Continue reading



Among the assignments for this semester (and all of those that follow, I presume) I will have to administer a test to a young child at school. I am nervous: though I have worked hard to know the ins and … Continue reading


A Hectic Day of No Shows

Every Tuesday, I have two back-to-back four hour shifts at the Joseph M Smith Community Health Center.  At Joseph Smith, each individual therapy session is 45 minutes, and us interns are encouraged to schedule five sessions during each shift.  This … Continue reading

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My First Weekend-in-Residence

I survived my first weekend-in-residence for my Adult Psychopathology blended class.  I must say, I was a little anxious going in- okay I was dreading it- as the sheer thought of two days back to back in class from 8:30-5:30 … Continue reading

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Gabrielle Giffords Steps Down

I love you, Gabby! You are an amazing woman and you continue to inspire me everyday. ### Just as an interesting aside, I would like to bring up something about my own path in relation to the Gabby Giffords case… … Continue reading

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A Lazy Saturday

Four days after my last entry, I’ve pretty much gotten back to regular life.  I’ve completed most of the readings that I need to do, and although I still have some assignments looming over my head, but I’m not behind … Continue reading


Call Me Tricia

Today in my Psych Appraisal and Assessment class I assumed the role of Tricia, a 14 year-old girl plagued with a troubling family life.  The topic of this week’s class was doing assessments with families and couples, and after going … Continue reading

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