Tales from my Study Cave

What a busy time of year! Sorry for not posting for a couple of weeks; but, between Thanksgiving and finals, I have had zero time. Again, this time of year demonstrates how much grad school is a balancing act between all of the hats that we as students wear. Currently, my hats are of a student, a wife, a daughter, sister, employee, trainee, friend, and perhaps a superhero of sorts for myself. Sometimes I catch myself looking at the clock thinking that maybe I can will the clock to add a few more hours to the day so I can get just one more paper done or have a couple of hours to sleep or study. As much as I would like to press the fast forward button on the remote of my life, I am finding little moments here and there where I am truly proud of myself.

This year, I have tried to stretch myself to be a little more social in order to build a support network of friends at school with my classmates. I am so happy to say that I have so many classmates that I can call and ask for help or support from. In the other graduate program that I had attended,  it was hard not to feel isolated. This was partly because I switched to an online program (which definitely works for some, but is not a good strategy for me to learn). At MSPP, I find support in my classmates, professors, advisers, and supervisor. I feel so, so blessed to have such a strong academic support net. I am even more blessed to have a great support in my husband and family as well.

If I can give any advice with this blog, I encourage anyone seeking to attend a graduate program to take time and find a healthy support network. To have at least one person on speed dial who you can call at any time, day or night, and vent to, laugh with, or have a good chat with. Graduate school will take a lot from you, as much as you are willing; that’s why it is imperative to have people who pour into you what you are needing to give out in your practicum/internship site and in classes. I guarantee you that there is no other more rewarding a feeling in the world.

Happy studying! I’m off to my study cave to finish up this week with some gold stars!

p.s. Happy Holidays!

About spitchermspp

I'm living in the Boston area and going to Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology to get my Masters in Counseling Psychology. I moved to Boston from Nampa, ID where I've spent most of my life. I'm married to the love of my life and best friend, Keith. I've spent time working in the mental health care field and am ready to get my Masters so that I can work hopefully somewhere in Community Mental Health. I'm so excited to start this journey and am very optimistic about where it will take me! I love going for walks with friends, drinking mass amounts of coffee, baking and cooking, spending time with family, watching movies, and dying/cutting/doing crazy things with my hair (I think I'm a hair-o-holic! haha). This blog is basically an account of my journey and I hope that you enjoy the tales from this journey!
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  1. Great article. I think its important to have a great support system of friends/family but also have some mentors as well you have been through it. Their may be able to share insights that their learned along the way.


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  10. School can be a little too much sometimes especially around the holidays. But you offer very workable advice to students that can be applied by even those doing their undergrad. A support network is necessary for all of us. We sometimes cut out our social life thinking that at the time it is not necessary but we truly need the destruction and support from our friends and family. Our support network should include those who will help us academically and socially.
    Thanks again for your informative insight.

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  15. Definitely feel you on wishing there were more hours in the day, haha…been on the study grind myself for the past week and look forward to having it all done!

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