‘Tis the Season

Thanksgiving is over, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone, and those certain stations that play non-stop Christmas music have been doing so since the middle of November. (How many versions of “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” are there?!)

While I do feel that I am being shoved into the holiday season (unprepared) I am not completely devoid of holiday spirit. I spent my Thanksgiving with family (old and new). I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I did have to take a 5 hour car ride to get to my desired destination but I found ways to entertain myself. As I was not the driver I was able to do some school work, nap, and play Angry Birds. I have also decided this will be my form of entertainment while traveling to Arizona for Christmas. I know! I know! You think playing Angry Birds doesn’t constitute as holiday spirit. But I think it does… if you play Angry Birds: Seasons!!!!

I’m just kidding! I just wanted an excuse to use the picture. I really do have holiday spirit. (I swear!) I am that person who puts antlers and the big red nose on their car the day after Thanksgiving. Although, I am not entirely sure that is a good idea here with all the snow. Hmmm…

On a more serious note, as I mentioned before, I will be traveling back to Arizona for Christmas. I must admit that I am a little nervous. While I love staying up late with my family on Christmas Eve, opening presents in the wee hours of Christmas morning, and eating fried tamales I wonder how much has changed… How much I have changed. I have never been away from my family for so long before and I worry that I will feel foreign to them. I suppose this is something that anyone who moves away from their family must feel. I guess I will find out when it happens. Until then, I have less than two weeks left of school and am definitely looking forward to some time off.


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Hello! My name is Jessica Garcia. I am an Arizona native and have moved to the greater Boston area to attend graduate school at MSPP. I graduated, summa cum laude, from Arizona State University (the Barrett Honors College). I received my Bachelor of Science in Psychology. I am currently a 1st year Clinical PsyD student, doing my practicum at FMC Devens. On a more personal note, I love music, theater, reading, learning new languages, and my little dog.
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  1. I also lke Angry Birds :)

  2. Christmas is the most exciting time of the year and so you should spend it with family

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  6. Angry Bird give more inspiration to me … so funny to see …

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  8. ramanmaan says:

    After seeing this, I really want to give hearty thanks to my father as he decided and planned family holidays for me every year. Every year we used to go in different region and at different place.

  9. Babyviva says:

    I Love Angry Bird….

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  16. Thermapens says:

    Great pic. Love it. have a happy holidays.

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  18. Devina says:

    Hi.. I am Angry Bird lover too. In this Christmas holiday, I can not wait to play together with my family with angry bird in real life, named angry board game birds

  19. afs tom says:

    Hi I like angry bird and season good picture.

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