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Serving Tucson

I shared this link on my twitter (@jrgRizzo) but I thought I would share it with you folks as well. When you end up going into counseling/clinical psychology this is the sort of thing that warms your heart. It certainly … Continue reading


Arizona in December

The two hour time difference, the open roads, and the warmer weather -It was 70 degrees on Friday!- all seem somewhat foreign to me now. *** As my family gathered at the airport to welcome me home they were all … Continue reading

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Sparklers and Frosting

The cake seemed to glow in the lighting of the common room, our names etched in glistening pink frosting on its sides. There was a low buzz of voices throughout the spaces, increasing in volume as another student finished the … Continue reading

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Tales from my Study Cave

What a busy time of year! Sorry for not posting for a couple of weeks; but, between Thanksgiving and finals, I have had zero time. Again, this time of year demonstrates how much grad school is a balancing act between … Continue reading


Field placement interviews…already?!

Just as we’re settling into the routines and culture of our current placements, along come Shellee or Randy to inform us that we need to start thinking about the field placement sites to which we will be applying for next … Continue reading

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When Boston Feels Like Austin

The last week or so has reminded me of being in Austin. Specifically, being in Austin during Christmas. As a New England native, the first winter I spent there was particularly strange; December didn’t feel like December. I could still … Continue reading


‘Tis the Season

Thanksgiving is over, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone, and those certain stations that play non-stop Christmas music have been doing so since the middle of November. (How many versions of “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” are … Continue reading

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